Workaround to complete days of the month

Hello Everyone,

I’m new to Metabase but I’m really interested in the product and considering the Enterprise license. The main aspect I need to solve right now is to have a way to filter my data using the relative dates of complete days of the month, aka “Month D-1” or “This month, without today”.

Using the filter date widget from the dashboard I was able to connect it to a SQL parameter (my questions is SQL query native type). But the filter widget doesnt have any option that correspond to the rule I need, so I went with this: in the widget we left the standard value to be “Current - Month” and in the query we used a “AND NOT” clause to leave the current day out of the results.

So in the end I got the end result I needed, the filter widget is set with the “Month D-1” rule from standard but the user can also change it as he likes. But it would be much more easier if the “Current” option in the date widget also offered the same as the “Previous” and “Next” option, or some “Exclude today” option. That way, the user would realize too whats happening (because “Current month” doesn’t imply the D-1 rule).

Either way, sorry if this is something that has already been adressed, but I looked around in the forum and also the Metabase docs and couldn’t find this suggestion or a similar workaround.

Hi @brunoalc
I think one of the main problems currently with adding more options is space and overview - it’s difficult to just continue adding options without re-building the filter selector.
But your suggestion doesn’t sound that complex - compared to many other requests. You should open a feature request:
Sounds like you might be interested in this issue - read the comments too: - upvote by clicking :+1:

Hello Flamber,

Thanks for the answer. About the excess of options using the space I think is a good precaution but it’s just inconsistent to have this option on some filter date widget and others not. It’s too arbitrary.

I upvoted the issue on the github, hope it helps. I just got worried reading the thread that maybe they fix in the query builder but not on the actual GUI widget.

@brunoalc I might have misunderstood that you were also talking about Native queries. There’s a request open for relative dates on that too. It has been given milestone 0.34, but that’s not always a guarantee it will make it for that version, but version 0.34 will focus on timezone problems and completeness (that’s the term for inconsistencies in functionality):

@flamber ok, I see. I’m happy to see that it’s already been talked about. As we said, it’s seems like a minor change so I hope it’s possible for the next version, but totally understand if it isn’t either. Thanks for explanation!