Your php instructions are out of date

The php documentation found here is outdated and uses an old version of lobucci/jwt, The new version of this library has significantly changed so these instructions no longer work. Does anyone know how to issue a token to access embedded dashboards with a more recent version of this library?


Hi @abc123catfood
PRs are very welcomed. We haven't had time to upgrade the examples.
You would have to follow the upgrade guide:

Ok thanks, is there any plans to update the documentation for your product? Embedding an application has so far been much more difficult than doing so with competing products and being told that "you haven't had time to upgrade your documentation" is pretty troubling

@abc123catfood Metabase is a big project with many features, so it's difficult to create and maintain many different reference examples for each programming language and in multiple versions.
We're doing our best to keep our documentation up-to-date and it is continuous work, so whatever help we get in PRs is appreciated.

PHP is the most popular language on the internet so I don't really agree with your response. Thanks anyways I guess