[0.30.1: DONE] X-rays and redundant fields

I had cause to change some data in a data model today, which made some fields redundant. I dropped the table cache, rescanned and did all that good stuff and everything seemed fine.

When I x-ray’ed the table I noticed some blank / erroneous cards were being shown, and upon further investigation, these related to a date object which had been removed - the grouping retained a ::month suffix but the object was no longer present, hence the error.

Checking the internal database, I noted there remains entries for the fields which had been rendered obselete in the metabase_fields table, & they were all marked as active=false; I’m guessing the x-ray operation didn’t pick this up for some reason? I hadn’t restarted so it could be a cache issue; I’m not losing any sleep over it.

I removed these entries directly via SQL, and also their associated entries in the metabase_fieldvalues table, and the x-ray seemed to work again. Everything seems to be working so I’m assuming i haven’t boned anything important - just leaving this here for posterity in case anyone else runs up against the same issue.

Edit: I should add, 0.29.3, and I checked for any dependencies before I got all trigger happy with the delete statements.

Fixed in https://github.com/metabase/metabase/pull/8303

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Sorry guys - couldn’t help it. I got all trigger-happy with amending the subject of this post with a [0.30.1 DONE] marker.

I think it could be useful to tick off #feature-requests-and-suggestions + #bug-reports over here in Discourse that get’s implemented (silently presuming it will go into next bugfix release)

What do you all think of that idea? Is something like this worth it … or is it just adding noise?

My suggestion is to start doing this (whoever wants to do it) as an experiment for a while and see how it works out - (ping 2 other @superhelpers: @AndrewMBaines @EvaS)

Oh, another thing @nmg - you’re generally posting really good/cool/deep stuff here :clap: :clap: Really appreciate that!

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According to the jar download link URL on https://metabase.com/start/jar.html it appears v0.30.1 has “escaped” [1] from the Metabase.

On top of what the developers have marked on GitHub it should to the best of my knowledge contain the fix referenced above and a few others I have tried to mark [0.30.1: DONE] around here.

Note [1]: “escaped” above is my feeble attempt to make a humorous reference to point 8. on the list at http://www.shlomifish.org/humour/by-others/top-12-things-likely-to-be-overheard-if-you-had-a-klingon-programmer.html … have a great day! :smile: (Good thing Metabase mostly contains Clojure and JavaScript, possibly just very little var’aq)