[0.30.2: DONE] Pie Chart in Metabase (visualisation menu missing scroll bar)

Does Metabase Supports Pie charts.

See this User Guide section on “Pie or donut charts”: https://metabase.com/docs/latest/users-guide/05-visualizing-results.html#pie-or-donut-charts

Does what the donut charts do fulfill what you need?

(They are basically a pie with a hole in the middle so they at the same time can show the total sum of all parts as a big number. When you hover the mouse over any piece the number shifts to show the number for that particular piece)

Yes But how can i add the Pie or donut charts in metabase. Currently i am unable to view Pie or donut charts

Yes you can - if you have your data connected to Metabase, and have the results in table form in a “Question” with a label and number for each category in table rows you switch to pie in the menu shown here:



Still i am unable to view Pie chart option. Can you help me on this

Does your table underneath the dialog box have a row with numbers in it? You needed to calculate to size of each slice.

Yes i have changed the type to Numbers.

Aaaah! I think I know what’s happening … what is your screen resolution? Try on (a different machine) with at least

You may be hit by this bug - whaich you can :+1: vote for -: https://github.com/metabase/metabase/issues/8296

edit: I have changed this topic into the #bug-reports category

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