[0.30.3: DONE] Foreign Key: column reference is ambiguous


we have a base table with an attribute “dim_date_key” (FK) and a referencing table with a primary key
attribute “dim_date_key”. We’ve configured the referencing table in the “Data Model” settings of our base table
as “Foreign Key” so that users can use the various options of our date dimension (group by or use it as a filter) in their queries.

After upgrading from version 0.29.3 to version v0.30.1 we are getting following exception:
Query failure: org.postgresql.util.PSQLException: ERROR: column reference "dim_date_key" is ambiguous.

Any ideas?


I’m getting the same in MS SQL. Not had chance to take a proper look yet. Won’t have time until next week.

Also reported on github issues. These queries seems to work in v0.30.0 so you can revert to that until a fix is released.


Yeah, as you mentioned - this issue was reported by me and confirmed by many others on GitHub but unfortunately with no response from developers. I hope that this will be fixed ASAP as it is very anoying …

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Fix targeting this has been merged to the 0.30.3 branch, due out soon’ish: https://github.com/metabase/metabase/issues/8371#issuecomment-420760542

Would be nice to see a “yep it fixed the issue I experienced before” confirmation from someone who is/was affected. Anyways, I’ll mark as DONE here :see_no_evil:

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