[0.30: DONE] Private Questions

Ability to implicitly or explicitly mark a question as private.

If a user has a view only permission to a collection, allow them to add a question where only they can view/edit/delete it. If there are already well defined collections, it seems that it would be OK to allow a user to utilize that collection if it doesn’t impact other users.

Additionally, if the user does have write permissions on a collection, allow them to mark it as private as well. I know for me I understand data a little differently than others so being able to make my own private question would be very beneficial without cluttering the work space.

One thing we’re strongly considering is giving each user their own personal/private collection. Would that get at what you’re wanting? Additionally, users would be able to save dashboards and pulses in their personal collection.

Two questions we have about personal collections:

  1. Should Administrators be able to view and modify the contents of any user’s personal collection?
  2. Can a user share something in their personal collection with another user, or do they have to move it to a different place for it to be visible to others?

Let me know if you (or anyone else) have thoughts on this.

Thanks for the quick follow up.

IMO, as long as a user has permission to a particular dataset, they should be able to create what they need to privately. Administrators should have the option to view private user resources but not by default.

From my limited knowledge of pulses, it would seem that there would be a performance hit if a user were allowed to create an unlimited amount. Especially if they’re hidden from public view. Maybe a system option to limit the number of private pulses (or anything compute intensive) that a user can create would be a clean way to manage that.

For private sharing, if the user that the resource is being shared with has permission to the dataset, they should be able to view it as well.

I haven’t been using Metabase for that long so I apologize if I’m over simplifying!