0.33.3 Number format: currency

Why was the currency selection removed for Native SQL question’s?
No way to change the default $ to Euro’s.
Noticed in earlier 0.33 versions, but running 0.33.3 now,
Selection is not back yet.

How can I set these columns from dollars to euro’s?
The default settings, set in admin, don’t apply to Native SQL questions.
Only questions with a table as source.

Well, no idea why is it that way, but the workaround would be to create a table with SQL query and then use the saved question from there to create a simple question where you can select different currencies.

Not quite sure what you mean, but I think you mean start with a dummy question with the correct format and visualisation. Save it and then select a different data source, like the Native SQL.
Is that correct?

This is the same issue as stated in Github ticket https://github.com/metabase/metabase/issues/10787.
Do you know when there will be a fix for this issue/bug?

What I meant is that you can create a native SQL query that you want and save it. Then go and ask a “Simple Question” where you can pick “Saved Questions” and there you can select the native SQL query that you created and you can change currencies from there.

That screenshot is from just that.
The source is a Native SQL.
You can select currency as a format, but not the specific currency symbol or label.
For some reason that’s removed. It was/is still there in 0.32.10, but remove since 0.33.1 onwards.

It wasn’t removed on purpose, it’s a bug.
I don’t know when it will be fixed - it’s scheduled for 0.34
The only work-around I know of is to use Normal style, and add a prefix/suffix, so it looks like a currency.

It’s still there in 0.35.3. Just saying.

@maxgashkov Yes, the issue is still open. While an issue might get assigned a milestone, it’s not always a guarantee it will make it. By the way, latest release is 0.35.4