0.37 rc2 Help - Linked Filters

Anyone got this working in RC2? I've setup 3 filters Office, Team Group,Team. Below settings for Team, but changing office or team group has no impact on Team. What am I missing?

Hi @AndrewMBaines
There will come more information later today - perhaps tomorrow.

Hey @AndrewMBaines - what issue did you run into? What’s not working specifically?

The linked filters should affect the dropdown options in the filter itself - are you seeing that?

I'm not sure if I'm missing part of the workflow or something.
I have two filters: Team Group & Team:
They both filter my question as per normal.
For Team, I change the options to:
Then save. Now if I select 'Durham Zone 4' for Team group:
I still see all teams in the Teams drop down:

I seem to be missing how I define the relationship between Team and Team Group - how does it know which Teams are in each Group? It's defined in the database, but not explicitly.

@AndrewMBaines Now there’s an issue open on this:

I’m just glad I wasn’t doing something wrong! Under what circumstance does it work?