[0.44.1] When press the play button in simple question table, the field only selected from the first table

I just upgraded metabase to v. 0.44.1. After I update it the fields from simple question keep only showing the selected field from the first table instead of all selected fields from all the tables.

It happened when i press "the play button" after i edited the field's name.

Hi @classicon
I don't think I understand. Can you provide a screenshot for more context or steps-to-reproduce?


  1. these are my selected fields

  2. after i changed the field order, it shows the "play button"

  3. after i pressed it, metabase only select fields from the first table instead of select all the fields from the first step

@classicon You're seeing this issue:
https://github.com/metabase/metabase/issues/13455 - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post
Or possibly https://github.com/metabase/metabase/issues/22563