2000 data display limit

If you retrieve data by including variables in the query, the number will be limited to 2000.
If you download in Excel or CSV, you can download all the data of over 2000 items.

It is currently October 2023, but is it possible to change the limit on the number of displayed items in the free version of metabase?
Is it still only available for custom builds?

It's coming soon, we need this for many of our customers

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Is this Blizzard Soon or a regular person's soon?

Trying to create time-based graphs is pointless with a 2000 line limit. It would seem more useful to limit the size of data not the amount of lines as that is what will affect the browser the most. If I have 1000 columns of maxchar data, 2000 lines is still gonna drag the browser to its knees. 10000 lines of 2 columns of numeric data won't.

Check the latest version, it’s already there

Version number or location of this setting?