404 Status Error When Downloading XLSX Reports - URL Path Issue

Hello Metabase Community,

I am encountering an issue when trying to download XLSX reports from my Metabase dashboard. I keep getting a 404 status error, and upon investigation, I found that the URL being requested is incorrect.

The Issue

When attempting to download an XLSX report, the generated URL seems to be missing the /metabase prefix. For instance:

  • Expected URL: https://dev.consist.co.il/metabase/api/card/4/query/xlsx
  • Actual URL: https://dev.consist.co.il/api/card/4/query/xlsx


  • I am running Metabase on an Ubuntu server, using the JAR file.
  • I have nginx configured as a reverse proxy, directing traffic to the Metabase service.
  • My Metabase instance is behind the /metabase path.

What I've Tried So Far

  1. Made sure the Site URL in Metabase Admin settings is configured as https://dev.consist.co.il/metabase.
  2. Checked Metabase and server logs but didn't find anything that would point to the cause of the issue.
    3 Restarted both nginx and Metabase services after making changes.

Despite these steps, I am still facing the same issue.

I suspect this might be a bug, but I wanted to check if anyone else has encountered this issue and found a fix or workaround. Any insights would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you for your time and assistance.

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