A chat interface within metabase powered by chatgpt API?

I use metabase a lot, and a lot of my customers too. However, when it comes to customers without a technology background. - the adoption is low. They don't go beyond simple questions. My idea is to have a chat interface within metabase where if the user asks the questions in natural language, the chatgpt API converts it into a neat SQL query and gets the output. This can help in two ways, save time writing SQL queries and help improve adoption among non tech people. I've seen friends using chatgpt for text to SQL in their products and it is excellent. Once it is trained enough time on a specific type of data - the accuracy is very good.

I'd love to know what the community thinks about this idea

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I look forward for this game changer feature.

This has been released already in our metabot branch, I would suggest you check it out

Where do I find more about this Metabot Branch?

it's going to be released in v47 but if you enable it with an environment variable. If you download the v47 RC you should be able to enable it right now

Could you please share the steps to enable it? We're hosting on-prem, this version exactly - Release Metabase v0.47.0 · metabase/metabase · GitHub

@Luiggi is the chat available in v0.47.0?