A possible solution for goal tracking

In the real world of business pivot table is the most useful and frequent chart that we use for goal tracking from time to time when the goals are different across time. E.g., in a pivot table we have monthly actual sales, we want to compare it with monthly target sales (which is probably different in different month).

However, with the current pivot table in metabase, we can only use conditional formatting to highlight cells that meet a criteria about a fix value, unable to support the monthly actual-vs-target comparison when it comes to different montly target.

Hence, I'm thinking if we can enhance the conditional formatting feature of pivot table to enable dynamic goal tracking - can we allow user to put other measures in the same pivot table in the circled inputbox of below screenshot? Furthermore, if we dont' want to show a goal/target measure in the pivot table, user can hide this measure (so this hiden measure is only used for comparison by conditoinal formatting).