A user logs in ten times within a specified time. Next time the login will be restricted. How can I remove this restriction?

When testing multiple people using Metabase, I found this policy of user restriction. How can I touch this restriction?

You have to give more details.
Which version of Metabase?
Is the user inputting a wrong password 10 times and then they’re restricted from logging in?
What errors do you see in the log?

version: v0.32.8
I log out ten times after I repeatedly use an account, and the eleventh time I will prompt the following:

It’s not suitable for my business needs when it’s actually used, so how can I increase the number of restrictions from 10 to more?

I can confirm I see the same here - Chrome on Windows, Metabase 0.32.7, Ubuntu server.

Still trying to work out why you’d want to login and back out so many times? What’s your use case?

I use Metabase as a sub-module of an application, log in to Metabase through the main program, click Metabase to log out and return to the main program, so if you use Metabase frequently, you will have problems.

How can I take measures to increase the number of landings?

Depends upon what functionality you need. If you’re just displaying Metabase and need limited interactivity, you should use embedding.
Alternatively, don’t logout?
Or, recompile with the 10 limit removed?

I hope to adopt this method. But I can’t find where to change it.

Otherwise you’re probably seeing this issue:

I’ve found a solution. Thank you very much.

So what was the solution?

Of course, my method will cause security problems. But now it solves the problem of restriction after ten logins.