Ability to copy Model metadata across databases with identical tables and columns?

We are a B2B SaaS company operating a cloud-based Metabase instance linked to multiple databases hosted on Redshift. Each database serves a different company but shares the same table structure, columns, and data types, with the data varying from one company to another.

The primary challenge I face is managing the metadata for the Metabase model. While duplicating the model query is straightforward, manually editing the metadata for each database is a time-consuming process, often taking hours per database.

Is there a method to:

  • Integrate the metadata directly into the model query to avoid manually editing each field every time?
  • Transfer the metadata from one database model to another through export and import methods?

I've attempted to duplicate the model after entering the metadata and then switch the database connection, but this approach hasn't been successful.

Hi @logistics-cc, If you're a cloud customer please contact support. I think your problem should be solved with serialization