About Metabase v0.47.4 Security

I am planning to use metabase 0.47.4 in production . i linked it to postgresql database and i wanted to know more about potential security risks and how to overcome them.

Using an old version of Metabase isn't the best idea if you're worried about security!

Within postgres, use a read only user account for the data. Limit it to one schema only and use views to limit what can be seen.

Beyond that, this is such a broad question that it's impossible to answer fully.

i am reading from an oracle database and metabase is hosted on postgresql .can elaborate further on your suggestions ?

Ignore what I said about Postgres, apply that to Oracle. I thought Postgres was your data source.

Still need to use a newer version of Metabase.

thank you for your helpful answers . is it possible to migrate the old metabase's data to the new one ? or do i have to recreate the whole questions and dashboards ?

You just restore the old database.
If you were on H2, you need to migrate - that's in the docs.

i already migrated from H2 so i just connect my already existing postgresql database and i should be good to go ?

Depending upon any change in url. You can manually edit that in the dB