About the Jobs category

Posts about Jobs relating to Metabase or the Metabase Community.

This is a place to post (and look) for jobs that related to Metabase in some way. The jobs can be part time, contract or full time. Likewise, local or remote jobs are all fair game.

We will try to do some light verification that a given post is not spam, but we otherwise make no guarantees about any posting here. It’s just a place for our community to connect - any formal agreement is between y’all. If you have issues with someone you connected to via this board, please send an administrator a private message. We make no promises, but will do our best to prevent the abuse of this space.

Examples of the kinds of jobs that should be posted here:

  • “I need help installing and upgrading Metabase”

  • “Looking for an analyst to build our Metabase dashboards”

  • Setting up a data warehouse for use with Metabase

  • Data engineering and improving performance of Metabase dashboards

Examples of the kinds of jobs that should be posted somewhere else:

  • “I need a wordpress developer”

  • “I am looking for a co-founder for my startup”

  • “I am doing a school project on X and need help with my homework”

Note: Anyone can post a job here, but we will delete posts here that we feel are inappropriate for any reason. Play nice.