Absolutely Cannot Figure Out Filters -- PLEASE HELP!

I’ve been trying for awhile to setup a filter, but Metabase doesn’t seem to be corrabarating.

If you look at the image above, I think I’m setting it up correctly, but when I set my variable to field filter, it doesn’t even give me the field I’m trying to filter on as a mapping option. Why is this happening?

Even when I switch out {{submitted_at}} for {{landed_at}} which the field filter does provide as a mapping option, it still does not work.


Metabase doesn’t support table aliases for Field Filters. I’m not sure if that’s your issue, since you then say that you’re missing the column submitted_at
Do you see the column in Settings > Admin > Data Model > Database typeform > Table responses_csat > Column submitted_at ?
Otherwise it might not have been sync’ed correctly, you can force a sync via Settings > Admin > Databases > typeform.

Which version of Metabase and what database are you connecting to? Check the Metabase log for errors too.

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I’m not an admin. I’m also confused as to what you’re saying.

The column submitted_at exists within the typeform.responses_csat If I ran query like:


It works fine. It returns results. But then when I go to the filter options it only gives me a small handful of fields.

Then you need to contact your admin, so they can debug the issue for you. Without access to the Data Model or the logs, it’s quite difficult to help.