Access database as service

I have a database my SQL in metabase.

By security team I can´t to access this database directly.

It´s possible to access this data by services for example, some API.

Have some example to use this.



Hi @kmargo
I’m not sure what you’re asking. If your security team doesn’t allow access to the database, then an API would not have access either.
Maybe you’re asking for REST-API as datasource?

@flamber tks for your answer.

The security team allows access only through service to the database.

There are others applications that access the database through services by security.

It´s is possible ? Have some example to do this with Metabase?

My Database is MySQL.



Can you please describe what services are in relation to MySQL? Do you have some web-based REST-API, which is the only way to access the database?
Currently Metabase needs access to the database, which is done via JDBC.
There are work being done to make Metabase drivers modular, which means that you can create your own driver to integrated with your system.

@flamber I need to do this -> Do you have some web-based REST-API, which is the only way to access the database?

I need some web-based REST-API to access the database My SQL by Metabase.

Have some example as to do this ?




Currently there isn’t a driver for that - like you could see from the REST-API bug.
So you would need to build your own driver. That’s a big project. But you can have a look at the source code for the BigQuery driver, which I think uses an API.

It would be a lot simpler, if you asked your IT security team to verify Metabase.

@flamber I tried to talk with Security Team but don´t give me attention.

Where have the BigQuery driver, I would like can look this.



All the current drivers are located here:
And you can read more about writing drivers here: