Access Restrictions to Public or Embedding links

Hi there,

We are considering sharing the public links to some of our dashboards with some externals and looking for a way to make the process secure. Is there a way to ensure only the people we want can see the dashboard? Can we apply some access restrictions through public share or embedding features? Hope that's not a stupid question. I'd appreciate to hear your experience on this.

Thank you in advance.

Hey there!

In case you want the best embedding experience, Pro and Enterprise plans offer the best capabilities.

If that is not the case, you can create a simple webapp with a login (email + passoword), and display your dashboard only to people able to access the webapp.

Another way is to simply create dedicated dashboard on Metabase, create a group of users with limited permissions for those dashboard, and then inviting them on your Metabase.

What do you think?