Access to Metabase through link


I can see in the Administration guide that one can share and embed dashboards through links. Can I also share a link to the app itself such that others in the organization can play around with the database/create dashboards/ask questions?

Hi @msw
Yes, but with the same requirements of the regular sharing - you need to be able to access Metabase from other computer.
So if everyone in the organization is on the same local network, then you just need to open your computer firewall and that should be enough for others to access Metabase through your computer.
If you want to share with outside the organization, then you need to change the organization firewall and/or setup a proxy.
Either way, I would recommend that you ask your IT department - since you might have issues with dynamic IPs or the firewall.

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Ok, thank you! And what would be the process in creating said link?

I am currently using metabase locally through the app, I don’t know if this makes any difference…

Through the app - do you mean the Mac App? If yes, then I’m not sure if you can open it to the network unless you add a reverse proxy.
It’s not recommended to use the Mac App for running Metabase as a server.

What is recommended to use for running Metabase as a server? the Jar File? My goal is to ultimately hold Metabase as a server on a cloud platform, and connect folks in the organization to that server via a web browser. Is this possible? What would the correct steps to achieve this be?

@msw The problem is that the Mac App is using the H2 database for application data, which is not recommended in production. Use whatever you are more used to.
Read more in the documentation:

If I were to run Metabase on AWS Elastic Beanstalk, would my peers be able to access the app in a web browser?

Yes, if you run Metabase as a server, then other people can access it.
Have a look at the documentation for various ways to run Metabase:

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