Access to models from native queries does not send the configured base path

Hi people!

On this occasion I would like to report a bug in Metabase v0.46.4
This bug seems to come from previous versions.

You see, we have a nginx on metabase because we wanted to configure our own paths on each resource request.

It behaves very well, for each possible resource request you can see in advance the URL that is constructed.

There is only one place where the URL is constructed in a bad way, it is in the sidebar of models inside the native queries.

This redirection that includes our base path generates problems for us
We believe that the html, css or tsx in that section loads the href differently than in the other Metabase sections.

Could you help us?

Thank you very much

You’re looking at Allow Metabase to work on sub paths · Issue #30895 · metabase/metabase · GitHub