Accessing to metabase through another computer when metabase is installed in a ubuntu server

New user here!
First, i installed metabase on ubuntu desktop by downdoading his jar file and execute it with this syntax "java -jar metabase.jar" and it works when i tried to access to the service by entering "http://localhost:3000" . But i did the same process of installation on an ubuntu server but it don't work when i try to access to the service by entering "http://server_Ip_Address:3000" ,i don't know why!

Is there anything that needs to be done to make this work?

Could someone help me?

Firewall first.

yes, I made sure the firewall allowed traffic through the address and port
Or what are you talking about?

On ubuntu too - not just the external firewall. Everything starts locked down.

If you use telnet to connect on port 3000, does it work or just timeout?

it works when i use telnet to connect on port 3000!

In Admin, under Settings, is the site URL correct?

yes, it is correct. But I told myself that it was necessary to link this web service to Apache to allow another machine on the same network as the server to access it using the server's IP address, what do you think?
Maybe it doesn't work because it is not linked to Apache since it is Apache that stores the local sites and which allows another machine on the network to access them using the IP address of the server.

I don't know enough about Apache to comment. Can you simplify it by connecting to Metabase without Apached first?

it doesn't work!

get rid of apache and use nginx

okay, i will try that later.