Accidentally archived a collection but cannot find it in the archives

I archived one question inside a a collection, and it seems like this archived the whole collection (because it disappeared from its place), but I cannot find the collection in the archives.

Could you please help? A whole collection with dashboards and questions disappears, and that is going to be very painful for my team.

Thanks a lot!

If you click the 3 dots to the right of 'COLLECTIONS' in the sidebar, you'll see:
Click 'View Archive', you should be able to see the collection in there. In my test, the collections were all at the bottom of the list. Not sure if that's always the case.

Thanks for your reply. I know where to find the Archives, but I cannot see my collection inside it. There seems to be many archives inside, and having a look through it, i could not find mine. I also tried a CTRL+F search, but did not find it. Do you know why it could happen? Does the list not show all archives? How can I retrieve mine?

Have you tried to check "Metabase own DB", table "collection"? To verify that the collection is still there and see if it is archived or not?

Or if you know the collection id, you could check (through the API) its state (archived or not). To check through the API, you could try the following URL in your browser:<collection_id>
where is the URL of your metabase and <collection_id> is an integer value

Another thing you can do, through the API, is:
a) This will return a list of all collections and then you can search by collection name (ctrl + f), to find your collection

b) This will return a list of all archived collections and again you can search by name.

If you find it, you can verify if the collection is archived or not and act accordingly.

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