Actions on MS SQL?

The roadmap previously said that "Actions in more databases" was coming, but I'm not seeing it there any more.

Have actions been implemented for SQL Server yet? I'm not seeing the option to turn them on in database settings. SQL Server DB is also unavailable for "Uploads" setting.

I've confirmed that the credentials used by Metabase to connect do have write privileges.

Metabase version: Cloud Pro
SQL Server Version: Azure SQL Managed Instance

Only work for PostgreSQL and MySQL. Nothing on the roadmap:

@TonyC Correct, it's not currently on the roadmap.

However, it was in December: Metabase Product Roadmap (

The "Soon" column there has

  • Actions in more databases According to user requests

So, was it removed intentionally because this is no longer planned?

(Again, specifically wondering about MS SQL support for actions.)

What you are sharing is a very old roadmap and priorities gets shifted ... My guess is there weren't a lot of requests for Actions on different databases. You should express your interest in the feature request here