Active Directory / Windows / LDAP Authentication?

Are there any plans to implement either LDAP or native Active Directory authentication?

Specifically in regards to SQL Server - it is not considered to be a ‘best practice’ to allow SQL Server Authentication in most environments, but rather Windows Authentication (ie. Active Directory or LDAP for non-Windows clients). Currently the only method of connecting Metabase to SQL Server appears to be using the insecure method.

The last time this question was raised was November 2015 but there was no followup.

We’re looking into LDAP (and friends) for SSO of user accounts. is the tracking issue. Our first SSO option will be Google Auth. We’ll be adding other providers as we have time.

Regarding using non-password methods for authenticating to data warehouses, we aren’t currently planning it. That said, like most things, if enough of the community needs it, we’ll put it on our roadmap. Practically speaking, however, we’ll need significant help, as we don’t run Active directory internally or with any companies we work closely with.