Activity log missing after update?


on with admin permission we saw global activity log. Which was great to check adoption process. After recent updates that panel is missing. Can't find any information why it's missing. Is it design, or just bug? : )
i would be really glad if that functionality return
(it was right here)

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It was removed, we haven’t seen almost any usage of the feature so we removed it

That's sad, but understand : )

Really sad, I used this feature a lot :frowning:

Me too, I'd even appreciate more complex solution :slightly_frowning_face:

Looks like I'll have to use a workaround and query the internal Metabase DB (running on MySQL)

SELECT ac.timestamp, ac.topic AS action, usr.full_name AS user, 
 substring_index(substring_index(ac.details,'name":"',-1),'"',1) AS details, AS db, AS db_table
FROM activity ac
LEFT JOIN v_users usr ON usr.user_id = ac.user_id
LEFT JOIN metabase_database da ON = ac.database_id
LEFT JOIN metabase_table ta ON = ac.table_id

but its not reliable in some actions like dashboard-add-cards...