ADA Compliance for Government Use of Metabase

I have a simple question, I hope.

I searched the discussions to try to find if there have been similar requests, and I’ll be doing my due diligence soon, but wasn’t sure if someone might know the answer quickly.

I’d like to use Metabase to publish dashboards for government purposes but will need to address ADA Compliance (ideally we will be publishing to the public with this, which is where the need comes from).

If there is no compliance implemented yet, is there any plan already surrounding support for it?

If there is no plan to support it, is that a design decision or lack of insight/resources decision?

Thank you for your help!

Hi @KeithHanson

I’m just a user, so cannot answer for the team, but creating accessibility is a very big task, which probably needs external (governmental) funding.

I know the European Union is supporting several open source projects with a big pot of money (mostly security, like bug bounties, but also databases and office suites), but ADA is a USA thing.

There’s an open bug about accessibility, but no much details or activity:

Thank you so much, @flamber!

I’ll do a little research and see if I can’t offer any guidance on that issue, and potentially resources.

I’m imagining some way that we could even just embed an iframe, surrounded with the data and tags needed for ADA compliance.

But I’ll find out how other developers have made charts and graphs ADA compliant first before weighing in there.

Much appreciated for tracking this down!