Add a database in horoku

Hi :slight_smile: ,currently I work with metabase.jar and I access with localhost 3000, but I want to create the same database in heroku for the test is it possible to add the same database as I have already used on metabase.jar without any problem and without changing the questions and dashboard that I created and also I have a problem when adding a new database on heroku is what there is a solution of this problem? and thank you very much for your help

@khawla Yes, you can use the same application database - you would probably need to adjust a couple of things. Just make sure you make a backup before.

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@flamber okey thank you for your reply :), but how can I add a database in heroku itโ€™s doesnโ€™t work by me

@khawla You cannot add databases if Metabase cannot connect to the database.

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