Add a filter bug 0.34.2

When attempting to ‘edit’ and assign a filter field to multiple report fields within a given dashboard, there is a UI malfunction preventing the assignments. In repeated attempts within multiple dashboards, I’m observing the following behavior:

Click ‘edit’ to edit dashboard. First report/question with assignable variable behaves normally showing dropdown menu. Other reports still show report data (despite having assignable variables). Attempting to ‘resize’ or ‘move’ them does 2 things: 1) clears question data and invokes dropdown menu on all questions previously showing table data 2) invokes a persistent ‘drag’ operation of the question, or persistent ‘resize’ operation as if the mouse button is being held down.

Hi @bpho
The issue has been fixed and will be part of 0.34.3, which is being released within a few days:

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