Add action (delete) button on table view

Hi, does anyone know if it’s possible to add an action button on table view?

I mean, let’s say I’ve got a table of 10 rows and I want to add a button to the table view and that button will trigger the delete action on mysql.


Not a feature right now AFAIK. Sounds awfully close to the request below on GitHub:

I guess this quickly spins off a lot of related problems that requirements and a design of UX + code is needed for… like who must be able to delete records - at what granularity should this be managed etc. etc.

So my point is it’s not just asking for a feature like this - you/other people here also have to help dig that level deeper and flesh out what’s needed at a deeper level if something like this should ever have a chance to “become a thing” – in or in relation to Metabase … so … let’s see if a fruitful design debate is possible on this.

I might have something more to say on this topic - later - but for now I would like to kick the ball back :football:

Found another GitHub feature request which seems closer to what you’re proposing: