Add checkbox to sql Parameters

I am new to Metabase. It is easy to use and very helpful.
But I think if the SQL variable can add a checkbox to add the SQL snippet or not.

What I want to do is allow the dashboard’s user can group by some fields he wants.

For example, we have a table like below:

country, game_name, user
EN, wow, 10000
DE, wow, 999
EN, heartstone, 111
DE, heartstone, 111

I want to let the user to
group by country or
group by game_name
or even group by country and game_name

so, I can define two checkbox named if_country_group and if_game_group. Then I can write the sql like below:

select [[ country {{if_country_group}} , ]] [[ game_name {{if_game_group}} ,]] sum(people)
from table1
group by [[ country {{if_country_group}} , ]] [[ game_name {{if_game_group}} ]]

Hi @qiu
While there’s no checkbox input type, you can use Text filter and just tell people to input anything, and then make use of Complex Default Value:
This is an example with Sample Dataset:

[["CATEGORY", --{{if_one}}]]
[["VENDOR", --{{if_two}}]]
[[, "CATEGORY" --{{if_one}}]]
[[, "VENDOR" --{{if_two}}]]