Add Dynamic Filters To a Dasboard

Context >> I have created a dashboard comprised entirely of questions that use Metabase notebook
Problem >> When I try to add dynamic filters, it only allows me to use fields that are in the questions/queries.

Hi @Edu
I don't understand. What are you looking for? If you are able to add filter connections that are not in any of the questions, then what are those filters supposed to do?

Hi @flamber
Thank you so much for your answer
I know for a fact that we you create questios/queries with metabase notebook (not native SQL ) and then you take those questions to a dashboard, you can filter by all the fields in the source table not only by the ones used in the query.

Imagine you have sum of sales of X item. And you want to filter it by city in the dashboard level and not at query level

We have a dashboard like that but in the one I just created, it does now allow me.

@Edu But unless the question contains a join to the table containing the city, then Metabase doesn't know how to generate a query for that. You should setup your database foreign key references in Admin > Data Model.

@flamber I think I'm not explaining myself correctly. I have this Dashboard with different questions create with metabase Notebook only referencing one table. When I create a Dashboard filter, it allows me to select any field in the table, regardless if I use that field in the query or not. And it filters all the queries

We have created a new dashboard. Again with metabase notebook and all the queries only reference one table. But, in this case, when we create a filter it only let me select fields in the query

@Edu Have a look here:

I don't know how your question is created, but I guess it is a SQL question you use as base: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post

Thanks! :smiley: