Adding conditional color change to Number Graph

Hi Metabase Team,

I think it will be helpful if you could add a feature that provides an option to change color based on some rules in Number Graph

For example, in the below screenshot, it will be useful to change the number color to red :red_circle: to provide a better visual cue to viewers.

I know we have such feature in tables, it will be awesome to bring that feature in Numbers as well

Thanks ahead


That would be good. Current workaround would be to use either a Gauge or a progress bar. Not the same appearance, but achieve something very similar.

I do use Gauge as it has a nice and easy to understand visual. However, in the above case, it is not ideal to confine the number to a capped upper limit.

It would be a nice feature to add in the future:)

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Hi there! I think it really is something needed by many other people using or just testing Metabase. I think most people just try the solution and go away if it doesn't fit their needs. They don't come to discussion forums (here or at Github) to talk about what they missed. Just a few of us do that, I guess.

Anyway, this dynamic card coloring is something already suggested on Github in 2016 but, unfortunately, is not available yet. Hope to see this feature in Metabase soon. :slight_smile: