Adding Google Analytics to Metabase

Hello i try to configure Google Analytics to my own metabase,
Where can I find Google Analytics Account ID ? Is it mean tracking ID without UA?
And I can’t create Auth Code when I try to click button to generate Auth Code it’s going to 404 page.

Anyone can help me to fix this?

Hi @bayurizki
Which version of Metabase?
Where does the link take you? It should just be a link like this:

I use Metabase 0.32

The link is to create Client ID and Client secret, right?
I have done to do that but, when I try to create the Auth Code link “click here” go to 404

Okay, but what is the URL that you’re clicking? Right-click the link and click “Copy link location”

This my URL

I see in this URL access_type=offline, it should be access_type=online ?

Where does that URL come from? It looks like it’s because you’re not logged into your Google account.

I have already loging in to my and google analytics too

Okay, I’m not sure why you’re getting a 404 error. When I click the URL, then I get a 401 error with the message:

Error: invalid_client
The OAuth client was not found

Which is because the MY_CLIENT_ID instead of a real Client ID.