Adding multiple fields from joined table

New User here, just started using the free version of Metabase. I notice when I add a 2nd column to a joined table Metabase replaces the 1st column I added, thus I can only add a single column from a joined table. Is this because I'm using the free version? If not, is there a trick to adding more than one column from a joined table? Thanks.

Nope, it should work without any problem. I guess that what you’re doing is adding new summarization fields? Please post diagnostic info and a video or pictures of what you’re doing so we can check

Hi Luiggi, thanks for replying! This is a very simply task I'm trying to perform, just adding a column, not even a summary field. Here's two screenshots:

  1. Added one field on the linked table called "course sessions." Field name is "Start On."

  2. Added new field, which overwrites the "Start On" field. I just noticed that the new field can either be from the primary table or the linked table. Whenever a new field is added, the field from the linked table disappears. I've only used Metabase for about 3 hours, so maybe I'm just doing something simple that is incorrect.


Hi Luiggi, I don't think I replied directly to you, but I replied to this thread with more details and screenshots. RWriter.

Is it possible you are hitting something similar to the following issue?

Can you share a screenshot of the GUI question you created?

Hi Tony, thanks for taking time to review and comment. Looks to be a different problem than mine. I've used no aggregation. I had two filters in place, but removed those and the issue still occurs. I did notice something new though. I originally thought that adding a second field from the linked table was the only way to remove the 1st field from the linked table, but this 1st field is also removed when I add ANY field, even from the non-linked table!