Admin -> Authentication -> LDAP -> LDAP Host: Whats the expected format?


What would be the acceptable formats for providing the LDAP host in this field?

Our LDAP server doesn't have a public DNS record pointing to it, but is reachable by IP address. That said, we weren't able to to establish a connection while using the IP address. We received a generic "Wrong Host or Port" error from the metabase ldap settings file.

Should we be specifying the protocol, IP, etc? Does this file only accept a DNS name? Thanks for any help here,
{"errors":{"ldap-host":"Wrong host or port","ldap-port":"Wrong host or port"}}

Just to confirm but is that IP reachable? If you telnet to that IP and port what happens?

Then the same would be if you telnet form the server where metabase is running since it seems to be a networking issue, so make sure that you can communicate from the host running Metabase to your LDAP