Admin Configuration Audit / History

Is there admin configuration settings change history log? We have multiple admins in our environment and we are in need of being able to determine when and by whom configuration settings are being modified. We have searched through the Metabase tables and did not find anything obvious; the same goes for the logs - the specific configuration change events do not appear to be logged. I’m hoping I’m wrong and am missing these events somewhere, however, I am concerned that the events aren’t logged at all.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated!

Metabase currently don’t log such information, but when it’s available it will be part of the Audit logging in the Enterprise Edition.

@flamber - thanks for the prompt reply! It’s a shame to hear that this will be an Enterprise-only feature. Is there a reason why such logs wouldn’t be available to non-Enterprise edition users - perhaps in a raw format if nothing else?

@LLL While some Enterprise functionality might eventually become part of the Community release eventually, that’s not for me to say what the future might bring, but we need to make money to fund development, so functionality that are largely being used by big companies are mostly part of the Enterprise Edition.