Admin - sudo / login as another user

It would be very helpful as an admin to have the capability to sudo as another user. This is useful to validate permissions and to troubleshoot issues.

Hi @dvd-p
There's a request for that: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post

thanks @flamber! have upvoted the github issue :+1:

seeing that the request exists since Jun 2020, do you happen to know if it has moved up the priority list? does a roadmap exist somewhere to see what features are next to come out?

@dvd-p It's something we've talked about internally, but just to make it clear; it's a very complicated feature to implement and needs a lot of validation to ensure that it cannot be abused.

There are requests going back a lot longer, with hundreds or thousands of upvotes.
If we implement this, then I'm quite sure it's would be a Pro/Enterprise feature.

Here's the official roadmap:

awesome, all clear!
Thanks for the links and the update!