Administrator has no permissions on new database!

I am using PostgreSQL 10 with metabase locally on my computer, and I have this problem. I have added a database, however it does not sync its schema, and the console simply says:

“Connections could not be acquired from the underlying database” and after that error syncing database timezone and whatever else.

Also, when I visit my permissions page, I see that the administrator does not have access to the databases I’m connecting, and I cannot change it!!

Help :frowning:

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Does your computer’s IP has permission to access the PostgreSQL database?

Yes, it wasn’t a permission problem. I installed postgresql 9.6 and everything works now. Something’s off with version 10.

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In my case when I moved all Metabase files to a different folder this happened. I was using relative path for my SQLite db. I fixed the issue by giving the full path for my SQLite db.

p.s. I’m using Postgres 10 for internal db of Metabase and it is ok.