Administrator password recovery

How can an administrator recover his/her own password on a cloud-hosted Metabase application without other administrators?

Hi @brunolnetto
Have a look here:

I follow the instructions on URL Resetting my admin password. Since I use docker as the host run command, they apply only partially. I recommend adding further instructions to cover these use cases. For now, it suffices you to instruct me on how to proceed with Docker.

@brunolnetto Just input the email in the UI on the password reset, which will show the URL in the log (docker logs <container>).
When using Docker, multiple parameters are included with quotes around them, like "reset-password".

Despite a clear pathway to resolve the issue, it is not user-naive proof. I recommend to extend the documentation and improve this particular reset password use case on the UI.

I perform as you suggest: interact with UI and check docker logs. The URL does not pop out. Is there some other pathway?

In a sense to avoid overthinking, I do as follows:

  1. keep the app UP;
  2. enter the "reset-password" route;
  3. request a new password.

The outcome page is below. Docker logs on the terminal stay still, without further logs to consult.

My further thought is to follow the same steps as for *.jar file. However, after stopping it with docker stop CONTAINER_ID, the command sudo docker restart 29988f50b812 "reset-password" follows up with the error log Error response from daemon: No such container: reset-password


@brunolnetto That's not how Docker works, and the error is coming from the Docker daemon. You would have to append it to your Docker run command.
You are not able to reset the password via the UI because you have never setup email settings.

Great! I thank your wits. Drink water.

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