Administrators not having any access to Saved Questions

On a fresh install of Metabase, I log in as an admin and then create a question. i notice that i am unable to see the trash/delete button when i edit the question in question :slight_smile:

However when i go into the settings and permissions i see administrator does not have any access to saved questions in any form. i can however change the settings to All users settings, but all of it just seems to be really confusing on how this is working …?
i do hope this is a bug and that i am unable to delete a saved question. Right now i can only archive it as a workaround.

i am using 0.25.2 version of metabase.

Any help or pointers on this will be greatly appreciated.

Thank You.

Hi there,

I am experiencing the same issue.
Administrators can’t access to “saved questions”, and I can’t edit it.
Strangely enough, I can edit the access to “saved questions” to the other groups (grant unrestricted access). But when I save, I have this error message (in the logs) : “PUT /api/permissions/graph 500 (719 µs) (0 DB calls) {:type :schema.core/error”

Anyone can help? :pray:
I just need administrators to have access to saved questions!

Thank you.