After a successful front-end compilation of a metabse project, the web page displays only the directory structure

I find this question in github issues, I meeted again.Have somebody help me?How can I resolve it?Thanks.

Hi @hassanlee
The front-end is only one part, you need to compile the back-end too, so you can access Metabase.
Have a look at the documentation:

Yeap,I’ve looked at it before,but the web page displays only the directory structure.

Are you accessing http://localhost:3000 ?

I read the webpack.config.js document,I opened the web page at localhost:8080.

How can I do it? I read the guide document,it shows yarn->yarn build-hot.

Yes, that’s only the front-end. The back-end uses port 3000 by default and can be modified by the environment variables (similar to the using the release application).
Are you trying to run a development version? Then just run the two commands like stated here:

Yeap,thanks for your grear guide very much.
I got it by yarn build-hot, then lein run,at last, I can see the web page about Metabase ,like in docker. And I could reload changes on save.Maybe I need to read the guide document clearly.:grin:
Metabase is a great project.
Good luck to Metabase.