After Migrating to Latest version of Metabase

We are unable to edit existing questions in Metabase v0.49.0. Kindly suggest a solution.
We are not getting run query button also

hi... as you can imagine it's pretty difficult to try to help with such a short description.

Can you tell us:

  1. if this affects all questions or just a subset
  2. what's the permission of the users
  3. screenshots of what you see

we need more information to try to help here

Hi luiggi ,

For some of the questions we can able to edit and save, but for some of them we are not getting the save button and if try to save it gives a failed save error. We have migrated to the latest version of Metabase.

Secondly, already available questions we are unable to edit and save, instead we are forced to create a new question for every time.

Could you please guide us?

Hi luiggi ,

Can you please help me in this regard

I need to see the error in the server logs when the error pops out