After restarting the server not able to see the dashboard collections

Our Metabase Server crashed a few days before & we had the backup of Metabase DB and which we restored & restarted the server but now we're just able to see the raw data & dash board and but not the dashboard collections. Just need a clarification now, whether we can get that dashboard collection back or not ? If Yes, how to that ?

FYI : Our volumes were not binded properly

If your Metabase application database is there, you shouldn't have lost anything. Do you have a backup of the application database?

Yes, I have the raw data in metabase but i also need metabase dashboard collection which we created earlier. & yeah have the application db backup !!!

If the dashboards where created after the backup and you restored the backup. Then there is nothing to restore since that data was lost when you restored the backup (which didn't had the collection data)