After setting the field filter, the options are incomplete

The primary key of the database table is not set. Through the native query, the field filter is set, but the drop-down box in the upper left corner only displays one option. The other options of the field are not displayed. Is the primary key of the table not set?

Hi @sugar
Something is getting lost in translation. I don’t understand your question. Please provide more information like the query and screenshots.
Field Filters has to be one of these types:
Metabase does not change your schema, so it will not set a Primary Key in your database, but you can set a mock value as Entity Key via Admin > Data Model.

After setting the field filter of the variable, there are clearly two different options in column taskId, but there is only one column option in the table in the field filter, 202009011022 is not displayed.

What is the Field Type in Admin > Data Model?
Have Metabase scanned the field? Metabase only scan ones per day unless you changed the schedule:
Check the log for errors during sync+scan - Admin > Troubleshooting > Logs.

The field type in the data model is classification, and then I use the original data to create a new table, and perform the same operation. The two contents of taskId can appear in the drop-down box. The first table still cannot display all the contents of taskid.

@sugar Too much information gets lost in translation.