After update a View in my Database MySql - I need to re-create Metabase Query?

Hi all!
Metabase is connected to a MySql database, and most of the “question” in Metabase are related to Views in MySQL.
I have many “questions” in Metabase that has source in let say the “View_1”.
If I update the View_1 in MySql adding a new Field, I cannot find this field in the Questions, even after “Sync Database” and “Re-Scan fields”, but If I create a new “answer” with source “View_1” I can see and use the new field added.
I hope was clear my explanation, did someone has a tip?


Hi @mirco_cervi
Which version of Metabase?
Are you talking about all types of questions or only the ones created via the interface?

Hi @flamber
Version is v0.31.2 I did update a month ago but I had to downgrade it because there were still some issues …and I could not risk .

I only have a quest create trough “Ask a Question -> Custom” and after select the “available tabs”

Okay, latest release is 0.33.4
Since 0.33, it has been possible to select columns available in the query via the Editor (Notebook-mode).
I’m not sure how 0.31.2 behaved, but have you tried resetting the visualization to defaults or manually add the new column? Click the Visualization :gear:

I will update in 0.33 …when I have some day off in the company so I can test
I have tried to reset to defaults, but no changes … i still don’t see the new field
Do I have to create again all queries?

If you cannot add the column or reset the visualization, then I guess the only option is to re-create the question.
If you had 0.33, it would be a lot easier, since you would just add the column.
There were a lot of changes in 0.32.x too, so you could try that version too.

Today in the morning the field appeared :slight_smile: it’s not the first time that me happens that I add field and I can see it only the day after …

When I’ve had a similar problem, one of two things normally fixes it:

  1. Scan the database again (you’ve tried that)
  2. Ctrl-F5 on the web page to reload the whole web app.

thanks I will try …now that i have to do new update on views :slight_smile: let u know