Age grouped in metabase

I made a table in the metabase about Age Groups, based on my dataset, the minimum age is 19 and the maximum is 90, but why does the table from my metabase of age groups start from 15 and end with 98? I tried changing the grouping, but it still doesn't start with the minimum age and ends with the maximum age.

Age average

What version are you running? And can you share a screenshot of the GUI setup ... I think it should take the min and max which gets populated during fingerprint. maybe at the time of the scan you had 15 and 98 as min and max?

I'm using Metabase version v0.48.0

As I explained previously, my dataset consists of Min age is 19 and Max age is 90. And I grouped it by selecting 10 groups. but the age results in the table range from 15 to 98.

Age average
Age average 3

Try upgrading to 49.6 but to me those values make sense since the min and max you are specifying are part of the middle bin.

15+23/2 = 19

but then again there are some issues with binning for reference: