Alert Error

Not getting the option to select the type of error
When clicked on the Notification button in query, the MB chooses the alert by default and I cant change the type of alert
Rather no option for Different types of alert

Hi @dhaneshoswal
I don’t understand what the problem is. Can you explain in a different way?


It does not allow me to select the type of alert I want for my query
The alert is chosen by default for all the queries!

@dhaneshoswal But which type of question is it? Unless you have set a goal, then you don’t have anything to set the alert to.

The question is of number of leads per day
The threshold i want to put is 7
if the value is below 7, I want to get an alert message

I again created a new query for the same from ask a question
When i click on Alerts button
This is the page that i directly get (Check attachment)

@dhaneshoswal You need to either use the Progress visualization, or Line/Bar with a Goal Line.