Alerts and Pulses

I recently upgraded our Metabase to 0.27 and got to play around with alerts. After setting up a few, I have gone back to using pulses with the “Skip if no result” option. The two big blockers are:

  • There seems to be no way to list existing alerts (an alerts tab?).
  • I can’t set the time to run a daily alert so am not sure when it will run.

Also, it feels there’s quite overlap between pulses and alerts, so I’m wondering if it would be easier on the user to (re)merge the two?

From the manual, I understand that alerts run every few minutes/seconds checking constantly if the trigger condition is true. When it is, it sends you a message. So you don’t set when it runs, it will let you know.

Have a look at the “Results alerts” trigger condition, that one natively “skips if there are no results” in a question.

So, although, both features are similar and do overlap a little, they are conceptually different and have two different purposes.

At least in my opinion.

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My mistake. I now see that I can set the time a daily alert is checked.

I’d still love to see a list of all alerts in a tab — or in the same tab as pulses if they are simply a subset of the latter.

Hey hakan, I am running into this problem two years later. If you have dozens of active alerts and pulses it is hard to keep track of them.

Could not find an issue in Metabase Issues in Github! Any idea if there is a way to get to this?

@anikolov There’s a feature request for listing all questions with alerts: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post
All pulses can be found using the search or going to the URL /search?type=pulse